Friday June 12th, 2015

09:30 – Registration and coffee 09:45 – Opening

10:00 – Ronald J. Allen (Northwestern University)

The Nature of Juridical Proof: Probability as a Tool in Plausible Reasoning [slides]

10:30 – Simon De Smet (University of Cambridge)

Probative Value and Strength of Factual Findings in International Criminal Proceedings [abstract]

11:00 – Coffee break

11:30 – Branden Fitelson (Rutgers University)

Convergent vs. Linked Arguments and Independent Evidence: A Bayesian Approach [slides]

12:00 – Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, University of Groningen)

On the Practical Application of Bayesian Networks in the Courtroom [slides]

12: 30 – Lunch

02:00 – Norman Fenton (Queen Mary University of London)

Beyond Likelihood Ratios [slides]

02:30 – Viola M. Bex-Reimert (University of Groningen) and Floris J. Bex (Utrecht University)

Stories and Arguments in Refugee Law [slides]

03:00 – Coffee  break

03:30 – Marcello Di Bello (City University of New York)

Is a High Probability of Guilt Enough to Convict? [slides]

04:00 – Bart Verheij (University of Groningen)

Arguments, Scenarios and Probabilities in Evidential Reasoning [slides]

04:30 – Closing